Barakoa The African Masquerade Ball

Latinos de Corazón is so excited to be a part of Barakoa, he African Masquerade Ball.  This huge artistic and cultural undertaking is a program that will include workshops for people to come and learn the art of African mask making and how it has influenced cultures all over the world.  We will of course be focusing on their influences in Panama and will be learning, teaching, making and performing with our masks.  All of these classes and preparations will culminate in February of 2015 with a Masquerade Ball and parade to be held at RIT with all the other groups and there masks on display and being performed in.  We have all been tasked by the Baobab cultural center to create a cultural collision and can’t wait for all the wonderful creations that are going to be on display.  We would also like to thank The Farash Foundation for their generosity leadership and vision to sponsor such a wonderful event for the community to enjoy this year and years to come.

Barakoa African Masquerade Ball
Diablico Sucio
Barakoa African Masquerade Ball
Diablico Portabelo

The Barakoa schedule is still being put together for the workshops that will be put on by the different groups. Make sure to come back and check our calendar for dates, times and details regarding the coming events.  We would also love to hear from you what type of masks you would like to see made or idea for how to create different cultural collisions.

Latinos de Corazón will be focusing on  Diabilico Portabelo, like  the masks featured in the video, large and grand with mustashes and beards of rope accompanied by the words of the the famous Panamanian song “Diablo ,tu no puede conmigo”.

This is to be a cultural collision and the more creative and expressive minds involved the better.  There are masks from all over Latin America and we would love to support more presentations.  If you have ideas or would like to get involved, leave a comment below or send an email through our contact form.


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