Panameños En Rochester is looking for more members to join our 2014 heart walk team Latinos De Corazon as we march along againg on April 12, 2014.  Come out and support the one of the American Heart Associations’s largest fund raisers of the year and have some fun exercising and participating in the many activities that will be on hand.  This will be the 4th year the Latinos De Corazon will be participating in the event and the first one with the support of Panamenos En Rochester.

Heart health is particularly important for woman and this is a point Latinos De Corazon and PER to emphasize.  According to,  each year over half a million women in the United States alone are lost to heart disease yet very few woman are aware of its threat.  Events like this are opportunities for us to make sure that everyone, but especially women are taking the step to maintain a heart healthy life style and getting the regular checks the need to treat the ailment should it develop.  According to the Mayo clinic Some thing we should be doing are:

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Heart Healthy

                    • Control your portion size

                    • Eat more vegetables and fruits

                    • Select whole grains

                    • Limit unhealthy fats and cholesterol

                    • Choose low-fat protein sources

                    • Reduce the sodium in your food

                    • Plan ahead: Create daily menus

                    • Allow yourself an occasional treat

Regular exercise seems obvious but it is something that many of us in our busy lives tend to forget or just not put a high enough priority on.  Weather it is a trip to the Zumba studio, a run in the park or maybe something less obvious like scrubbing a a floor or washing a car, these are all forms of excercise.  Go Red for Woman has even more great ideas to help us all find ways to get those 30 minutes of an elevated heart rate in our daily routine to help us all stay fit and heart healthy.

We will be gathering around 9 AM  to enjoy all the sites and sounds that will be going on inside the Blue Cross Arena and then will be making the walk/run when the horn sounds the around 12.  For more details check out the event calendar and we will see you there!

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