Portobelo: The Story Behind the Mask

Our participation in the Barakoa African Masquerade has begun!  July 26th kicks off the first in a series of workshops aimed at teaching the members of our community not only the history and influence of African mask making but, actually how to build them. Our group is focusing on the Diablo Espejito and Diablo Tun Tun of the Potobelo region of Panama.  We will be building, painting, sewing, dancing and education in two 4 hour sessions every other weekend until the spring when we will get to perform at the masquerade.  Here are the details regarding participation:

  1. There is no cost for the materials or participation but you MUST register to participate as well as for communications and planning purposes.
  2. The masks will remain with the Baobab Cultural center to be used in future events and classes.
  3. Additional practices will be scheduled to choreograph and rehearse the performance for the Masquerade.
  4. You must have loads of fun and tell all you friends how GREAT it was to make a mask!

New events will be added as soon as they are scheduled.

The Baobab Cultural center is holding additional workshops with us and other groups if you would like to learn about additional cultures and different masks and mask making techniques.


Here are some pictures from the work that we have done so far.

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