Stefano Daza Venezuelan flag at rally in Rochester, NY Public market February 22, 2014Dozens of demonstrators trickled in through out the the brisk clear Rochester morning braving 45 mile per hour gusts to stand steady in their support of the people of Venezuela.  Kelly Tovar Mullaney organized the event locally sending invitations out on Facebook and other social media outlets to rally the community and get the word out to the masses of what has been going on in her native country.  Kelly’s call to action was made in tandem with the website in an effort to raise awareness world wide, and Rochester was just one of hundreds of demonstrations across the globe this pas Saturday.



One of the ways we can all help is sign the current petition to the White house to levy sanctions against the current Venezuelan administration until the human rights violations stop.  World wide protests show support, but are empty with out the leverage of our combined voices sending a command for real action to those who have the power to act.

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  1. There are times when we need to come together as one and just like Marting Luther King said “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now”. USA is a melting pot of races and people from different countries. Some of us came looking for fredom from the oppression of goverments and others looking for new opportunities. The botton line is that we never forget where we come from, our history. As a Panamenian I know the pain that Venezuela is going through right now, since my country lived that once under the regimen of Manuel Antonio Noriega. Now I live in the USA and I live with people from all over the world, I feel you pain Venezuela so I was proud to be present at the ROC public Market to show you my support. No te des por vencido Venezuela!

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